At IG4 we can get your business a web presence that you have control over. With over 20 years of experience making and managing web-based applications, you know your site is in great hands.

Up to 4x faster

than normal web hosting

High Traffic

Many visitors? No problem!

Daily Backups

Automatic and Secure

WordPress hosting with IG4.ME

More speed. More safety. More service. As a specialized WordPress hosting provider, we always go one step further. Rely on the fastest managed WordPress hosting in the United States with support & maintenance by professionals. Your success is always the focus. We are there for you when you need us!

Support & advice

Our WordPress professionals help!

SEO Ranking

Top PageSpeed for top positions

Web hosting, optimization, updates & support

Everything from a single source and everything individually tailored to you. With fast, secure WordPress hosting from all over the world, we guarantee stability and fast loading times for websites with several million page views per month. We do more than other WordPress hosters: As part of our service, we manage your entire website if you wish and are always available for you if you have any problems. We do not offer you any solution, but the best solution for your long-term success.

Fast WordPress hosting for your SEO success

Quick loading times are not only pleasant for your visitors, but it is also one of the basic building blocks for your search engine optimization but essential for top placement in search results. To rank in the first three spots your website has to load on average 8 – 9 hundredths of a second faster than that of your competitors. A Website that takes to long to load is lower in search results. In the best case, you lose up to 10% of your earnings.
Stable, fast WordPress hosting is, therefore, an important part of your internet ranking.

What is included

General functions

  • High-performance hardware
  • Incl. server management
  • Incl. server monitoring
  • Incl. Demo environment (staging)
  • WordPress & plugin updates
  • NGINX, HTTP / 2, PHP7, SSH
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Web application firewall
  • Malware scanner
  • Template & plugin support
  • Advice and performance optimization
  • WordPress toolkit
  • Free migration
  • Performance check
  • Flexible tariffs thanks to add-ons
  • Free moving service


  • Dedicated server resources
  • Full SSD hosting
  • PHP 7.x
  • HTTP / 2
  • OPcache
  • MySQL 5.7


  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Own SSL certificates
  • Antispam
  • Multi-backups
  • Malware scanner
  • Backups
  • WordPress auto-patching
  • Vulnerabilities Scanning
  • Bruteforce Protection
  • Web App Firewall
  • Isolated hosting

WordPress toolkit

  • WordPress Toolkit Dashboard
  • WordPress management
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • 1-click WordPress login
  • Automobile. WordPress core updates
  • Plugin & Theme Manager
  • Security tools for WordPress
  • 1-click cloning of the installation
  • Sync between production and staging


  • Hardware and services are monitored for optimal function by HostPress
  • Hardware (CPU, RAM, disk I / O, bandwidth)
  • Software (Apache, NGINX, MySQL)
  • PHP application performance monitoring
  • Accessibility of the website (ping & status code)

For Developers

  • SSH / SFTP
  • Git version control
  • Staging environment
  • cronjobs
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Backup Manager (Local / FTP)
  • Customer dashboard
  • 1-click application installer
  • 1-click backup & restore
  • Log files & server statistics
  • phpMyAdmin integrated
  • Customer management for resellers
  • PHP memory limit 256MB by default (more possible)


  • Email support
  • Livechat support
  • Fully managed system through HostPress
  • Telephone support from experts
  • Rate details
  • Minimum term: 1 month or 1 year
  • Invoice or SEPA direct debit
  • Free setup